Suicide bomber fails spectacularly, Justfying Pedophillia, ISIS in Michigan, 70 mil more FGM victims, Sexism in British politics.

Somalia Emergency LandingWorst Terrorist Ever Blows Self Sideways out of Plane Without Killing Anyone Else (Slate)

Iraqi migrant rapes a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna and tells police it was a ‘sexual emergency’ (Daily Mail)

Michigan ISIS Supporter ‘Tried to Shoot Up’ 6,000-Member Church, FBI Says (NBC)

Almost 70m more women than previously thought are estimated to have undergone FGM (Telegraph)

Muslim women ‘stopped from becoming Labour councillors’ (BBC)



Kicking things off with a 2016 round-up

A few headlines to get us started

Cologne tightens security for carnival after assaults (BBC)

Islamic teaching flows out of Pakistan (The Washington Post)

Isil recruiting migrant ‘army of the poor’ with $1,000 sign-up bonuses (telegraph)

Egyptian students stand trial for insulting Islam (Daily Star)

Top IS commanders ‘taking refuge’ in Libya (BBC)

Boko Haram kill dozens in Nigeria (CNN)

Islamic State Inspired N. Carolina Man’s Plan (ABC)

Father Shot Her in the Head, as an ‘Honor Killing’ (New York Times)

ISIS beheads Syrian teenager on charges of ‘apostasy’ (ARA News)

FBI arrests Milwaukee man planning attack at Masonic temple (Fox6)

Suicide bombers kill 32, wound dozens in northern Cameroon (Reuters)

Islamic Court jails Egyptian writer for insulting Islam (Punch)

Boko Haram sect attacked five villages in Geire (The Guardian)

Foiled ISIS airline terror plot (Mirror)

Boy accused of blasphemy who cut off his hand (BBC)

Seattle man charged with killing 4 was on terrorism watch list (Seattle Times)

Taliban Attacks Bacha Khan University (New York Times)

Islamist Gunmen Attack  Restaurant In Somalia (Sky News)

Muslim school found with books promoting death by STONING (Daily Mail)

Kent State professor under FBI investigation for alleged ties to ISIS (New York Daily News)

British Islamist leads plot to assassinate police (Telegraph)

Two arrested  in Virginia attempting to join ISIS (NBC)

Islamists seize hotel – at least 20 killed (BBC)

Iraqi refugee sought to bomb malls in Texas (MSN)

15 year old Islamist girl arrested with explosives (Daily Mail)

3 Islamists arrested in jakarta attack (AP)

Maryland man arrested for training with terrorist group (Fox)

849 killed in January fighting ISIS in Iraq (AP)

Islamist teenager attacks teacher with machete (Forward)

Massive number of sexual assaults by Muslim men (Telegraph)

Islamist with knife killed by French police (LA Times)

ISIS attack in Ramadi (CNN)

Why this website was created

There is an alarming trend in the USA to label any and all criticism of Islam as racism.

Islamophobia is usually the term of choice to levy at any would be critic. It seems that in our rush to protect innocent people from bigotry we have lost our ability to discuss Islamic extremism at all.  This is unacceptable.

“By silencing the debate about radical Islamists beliefs we abandon our own core beliefs of truth, free speech and tolerance, and we abandon human rights in favor of political correctness. ”
-Raheel Raza

This website was inspired by a page from the Huffington Post purported to be tracking incidents if Islamophobia in the USA.

Here, in similar fashion, we will track incidents of islamic extremism as reported by mainstream news sources.

This site is dedicated to the innumerable victims of Islamic extremism.